Who We Are

Who We Are

All our lives the members of the Gaming Outfitters team have been fans. Fans of games. Fans of comics. Fans of every nerdy, geeky, awesome thing under the sun. And we know we aren't alone. That's why every day we strive to bring you, our customers, the best pop culture merchandise there is to be found. So come take a look around and find something that lets you show everyone what you love. So if your a gamer, a Trekkie, a Whovian, or any other kind of fanboy (or fangirl) let us help you show that off. Embrace it. At Gaming Outfitters we consider ourselves a family. A family created by a shared love of the same things. And we want to welcome you...to our family.

What We Sell

Gaming Outfitters is happy to provide our customers with a wide variety of fantastic merch. Whether you like games, movies, comics, anime, or anything else we have you covered.

If you want...

Batman Earrings?    We got'em.

Fallout T-shirts?       Check

Pokemon Hats?       Yep, got them too.

Robert Downey Jr.'s Home Phone Number?        Ok, maybe not (But we're working on it).

So please enjoy the site. If you find something you really like, are searching for something in particular, or have any questions at all just head on over to the Contact Us page and we'll be happy to help you out.

What We Make

Here at Gaming Outfitters we pride ourselves on our ability to tackle any challenge. That includes the manufacturing of custom merchandise! We are able to provide a wide variety of comepletely custom products for companies, events, and stores. Ranging from small promotional items, to full retail merchandise, to custom collectibles we can make almost anything including:

Earbuds & Plushies

T-Shirts & Hats

USB Drives & Mousepads

And many more!

Please check out the Manufacturing page for more info and to get started on your own unique merch!

What We Love

Everyone loves something. Some people love sports. Some love their pets. We love the smell of a freshley opened video game, and the satisfying hum of a lightsaber, and the way the hair on the back of our neck stands up when we hear The Walking Dead theme song. If you love these things too, lets be friends! Come like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Pinterest so you can tell us what things you love. Community feedback is very important to us. We want to know what you like, love, and what to see more of.